I’m finally sending you a picture of Casie. She’s fourteen months old now hard to believe it just seems like yesterday that I came over to your place to pick her up.

She sure is joy to have and what a great companion. A lot of company for my wife and I. She knows all the basic commands and walks great off the leash. I haven’t started her on birds yet but I’m sure she will pick up that quickly she’s really smart.
I just wanted to let you now how she is doing. Here is a picture of her – her feathering and ticking are just beautiful.
Keep up the great work on your breeding program your pups are fantastic!




Writing to reiterate my complete satisfaction with Lucie. She has been out several times and has shown excellent progression and an undying will to hunt. I would say more, but a picture is worth a thousand words.




Haven’t checked in for a bit… Wanted you to know Lewis is such a great dog. I’m attaching his puppy pict and where he is as of last month. He is gorgeous. People stop me on the street all the time asking what kind of dog he is. We get lots of compliments on his good looks! He trained a bit down in Georgia with our other two retreivers – got in a bit of field work. We’ll have to continue the drills now back in Illinois. All the neighborhood kids love him. He is very gentle and just playful enough not to scare them. He enjoys sitting on top of our hill and surveying the neighborhood. Our “watch dog”. Hope all is well with you and your kennel.

Thanks Kristine K.



Thought you might like to know we have named the puppy Abby. She is doing just fine and fitting in very nicely even the cat doesn’t seem to mind! Abby is picking up basic commands very well and is obviously a very quick learner. And as for retrieving, she is actually picking that up very nicely, well as far as her attention span allows for now J but all in all I do believe she is going to be a great hunting dog. I will keep you posted on her progress.

Thanks, Mike W.



I am just thrilled with our pup’s intelligence and natural instincts that she shows everyday. Covey likes it better on top of her crate, instead of inside! She is really something else. She is very bold, inquisitive, the works. Loves to run the property, take a dip in the pond, chase tweetie-birds, point the pigeons. I can’t believe she is only 11 weeks old (today!). Very advanced, I do think. It seems to me this litter is just doing amazing things at this age.

Michelle L.



Just wanted to say how pleased we are with Chase and his hunting abilities. Last week Bruce took him out to the Rooster Ranch for his first time. He took to it automatically and pointed a rooster for my son to shoot (it was his first time hunting also). So they both got their first rooster pheasant together! He is a pretty big boy too, at 5 months he is already close to 40 lbs.

Thanks, Leslie F.


HI Ed!

Thought I would drop you a line to let you know that “Elly” has been hunting for a month now and is pointing woodcock and pats. Took her to a game preserve to see how she would do on pheasants. Found every one Rick put out, he could not believe how well she did, but she needs to work on bringing the bird back to me, she still wants to play with it. She is holding her point longer each time she finds a bird, she loves woodcock. She is all I could ask for in a hunting dog. She will be six months old this week and is growing into a good looking setter. Would recommend buying a dog from your kennel to anyone interested in a good house dog and a fine hunting dog. She is tireless and would run herself into the ground out in the woods. We go out for an hour a day and there seems to be lots of birds around right now.

Thanks again, Dave


HI just a note to let you know that “Ellie”, our tricolor female is doing fine. We have had her for a month and she has doubled in size. Vet says she is very healthy, no problems. Everybody loves her, all the neighbors and family. She seems to be very smart and learns quickly. Good eye sight and hearing. Responds to wing and rod. Been out in the woods a number of times and she loves it. Will send along some pics. later.

Thanks, Dave and Kathi



We are sure enjoying “Chase.” He not only comes to the whistle, but he has “sit” down and is working on “down.” I was just working on “fetch” with him, and we are working on short “stays.”

Thanks for socializing him so well.

Thanks, Bruce F., DVM



The puppy traveled great all the way. We’ve decided to name her Gwyn. She’s sleeping in her kennel a few hours at a time, eating well, and goes potty outside! She’s very smart, quick, and curious which keeps us on our toes. She’s very independent but affectionate. I think we’ll need to turn the yard into an obstacle course to keep her occupied. Photos to come soon.

Thanks, Kathy B.


Hi Ed,

I just wanted you to see how pretty my pup looks.
He’s growing like a weed. He really is a great pup
easy to train, very smart, picks up on what I want
him to do real fast, eager to please. He’s developed a lot of ticking and some tricolor on his face.

I can’t wait to get him started on birds, he stays
close and waits for me if i slow down, just what
I wanted a close working oldtimers dog.



Dear Ed,

How is everything there? Quigley Jr is great! Everybody loves him and
he’s turned out to be really smart and well behaved. He has really bonded with Patch and pretty much does whatever Patch
does. People are right when they talk about an older setter training a
younger one. It’s interesting to watch.

Well, take care and let us know how things are going.

Kevin, Kathy, Josh and Sarah B.


Hi Ed & Kim,

Haley and I are starting to bond really good. She has already started to Sit and Stay on command. She starting to point the robins out in the yard!

She is flecking out all over, truly a tri-color Llewellin, nothing but complements!!! And she has met a lot of people and takes to everyone really good, which is what I wanted her to do, no watch dog for me!!

All and all I am really happy and I think Haley is too!!

Hope all is well for you and your family.

Take care , Jer



Amber is doing great. She’s really listening well, and we’re having a great time together. I’m hoping to start her serious field training soon. It’s been way too hot here in Chicago for running in the field. But we’re getting close to the fall season. She’s 10 months now, and she’s about 26-27lbs, smaller than the Llewellins I’m used to. It doesn’t bother me. And I’m confident she’s going to be better in the field because of it.

Doug P.


Hello Ed,

Claire is doing great! She is 90% house broke. She is already very attached to our family, She waits at the boys door in the morning waiting for them to get up! I haven’t started her on birds yet, but I am working her on the lead and at whoa. She seems to be a quick learner. We have been amazed at how quick she has taken to our routine, she fits us very well. Crate training took only two nights! She loves to play, and I have been able to mix play with training, she loves to please. She is a GREAT! pup and I am very confident in her future as a first rate grouse dog!




Sunny is just like you described her! She was one of the family right from the start. She has so much personality and is really a smart dog. The kids have been playing “catch” with her indoors, and she seems to be displaying some hunting instincts already! She is just a joy…just what the kids needed! Gene is going to email some pictures to you this week…she’s changing already and getting bigger. Thank you so much for letting us have her, she’s just perfect!



They really are special dogs. As I said they are great bird dogs, but that is only the half of it. They are the best family dog one could hope for. I would recommend them to people who are looking for a great kids dog as well….it would be a shame if they didn’t get out to run, as they love to do that….but they are as gentle as the day is long and are so expressive. They love attention and thrive on praise. We can’t imagine life without either of them…Fritz


Hi Ed,
I took Gina on her 1st real hunting trip last weekend for grouse & woodcock. Wow she goes and goes and goes. She worked her butt off 3 days straight, I thought at some point she’s going to hit a wall and slow down, but never did. She retrieved 2 grouse and 3 woodcock almost to hand, and helped find others that I couldn’t have found without her. I was happy with that. She’s a good dog and a real sweet heart too.Thanks,Mark S.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how Sally is doing. It’s hard to believe she’s 7 months old already – seems like last week that I made the trip down from the U.P. to pick her up. She loves the kids, and is trying to get along with our cat (though the cat has different plans), and is truly a part of the family.We’ve been out hunting and stomping around in the woods a number of times this fall, and she is starting to put everything together and figure out the game a little bit. I can see she is getting frustrated by the fact that our skittish U.P. grouse are flushing so early, but she gets VERY birdy, and I’m just waiting for one bird to hold long enough for her to lock up on it. There’s no doubt that I’ve seen more birds this year with her than I have the last couple combined, and I believe she’s the reason. I have a ball watching her work, and need to remember to shoot at times. I could ramble on for a while, but let’s just say I’m very happy, as she’s a great dog.

Thanks again,



Well this morning at 7:29 am, dashman SCENT pointed his first wild Texas bobwhite quail! Not very solid but pointed none the less. I flushed the bird and he watched it down.I picked him up talked goo goo stuff to him petted him and carried him 400 yards back to the truck.my damn camera fell out of my vest somewhere so I did not get a picture but that sight is in my mind and man was it cool.my best friend Kenny(the land owner) was
standing about 30 yards away and we was smiling more than me, all I could see was his teeth.next time I will have two cameras in my vest. my older dog I was telling you about did not even get excited about the bird, after I put dash up I got admiral out on a check cord and walk him to the down site.we found the bird and he just casually watched it run down the dirt road.I brought him in again from the downwind side and nothing.did not even want to poke around in the brush.I could see the quail sitting in there looking at us.damned thing.that really let me down.but rest easy my friend your pup is living up to his parents ability,he will make a fine bird dog and again I thank you for him.



Hi All,
I was the second puppy that Ed shipped at 4 in the morning :). She took the nearly 10 hour flight well to Seattle. We decided to see how well she would socialize so we took her to a nearby dog park. Once there she took off. Everyone was commenting on how fearless she is. There was a Great Dane group there and she took off after them, running under, chasing, and she barely cleared their ankles! She greeted and followed everyone and if she was tired ran in front of me and sat down.Our neighbors are doing construction on their house and I was worried that the loud noises might frighten her but she barely skipped a beat. On her second day here she has investigated by smell every bush, flower, and plant in the backyard. She also chased a crow away.She has bonded well and very socialable to the rest of the family. She especially likes my six year old nephew. I’d like to thank Ed for this bundle of energy,
and keeping me awake nights!


this is an update to the above

My gosh, she’s a hunting addict. The other day in the field I met with a couple who comments concerning her was, “I want a dog like that.” Another lone hunter at the end of day with two goldies said, “Wow, your pup is a hunting machine.” Last Monday, she had two solid points on pheasants out in the open. Normally, she works the blackberry thickets where the pheasants are but where GSPs and Labs won’t go. Unfortunately, she’s had a couple of points in them which I couldn’t get to. One she held for almost twenty minutes.

She is very intense in the field. I mean INTENSE. I have a hard time calling back to the car. I always had reservations when people boasted about Llewellins but now I am a true believer and your dogs brings out the best in them.

As I meet more and more people in the field, I gather more comments about her. And if anyone wants a Llewellin, I would highly recommend you.




Just some pics to show you Molly’s final coloring….Love them both.
Belle is turning into a really great grouse dog this fall… We haven’t really started Molly yet except to take her along for the experience… working on the barrel (whoa, stay, ) and on the leash (here!) and she is a really great dog as well.

Kath and Fritz

More Coming soon!

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